Created in California, Vireo is a modern gourmet culinary brand created to bring the benefits of cannabis home to the creative cook… a staple for the contemporary kitchen. Each pure ingredient is California grown, organic, and hand selected; producing the highest quality hemp-derived Olive Oil to elevate each dining experience. 

Every ingredient we use at Vireo comes from our direct relationship to California soil. From our outdoor grown, award winning cannabis, to our olives sourced from 125 year old olive trees at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, down to our fresh, organic citrus -  Vireo is 100% Californian.

Founded and formulated by renowned Chef Luke Reyes and the team of cannabis experts, Vireo is the result of hundreds of hours of trial and experimentation. Each suggested serving is infused with just the right amount of CBD and THC, to ensure a pleasant, functional, low dose experience. Of course, you always have the option to add more. All terpene flavors have been extracted out, leaving only the purest tasting olive oil with none of the cannabis taste. 

Use it to dress your favorite salads, as a sauce for fish, meat, or vegetables, or as a delicious finishing oil.